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So now it’s time for the kitchen remodel. Time for everything you could want and need for the heart of your home.

“But will it blend with the rest of the house?”

“I have no idea what I want, I just know I don’t care for what we have now!”

Don’t worry. Everyone starts out with these types of questions and concerns.

Check out what Servant Remodeling’s owner, Rob, and interior designer, Tracy, have to say about the process.

Rob, I have seen the Servant Remodeling team fabricate perfect little spaces or shelves for clients that collect everything from coffee mugs to expensive wine! How exactly do you go about incorporating a client’s lifestyle into their new kitchen?

“We work simultaneously with the designer as she helps our client pick out the materials that will be used. Products and materials used on remodeling projects make a huge impact on cost. It’s very important to pick out the ideal materials for their home and budget with the design to get to that initial proposal, then we can adjust accordingly. Certain materials are super important to some clients, while redesign aesthetic may be top priority for others. During this process, a client may realize they have FALLEN IN LOVE with a certain thing. Sometimes a certain countertop or appliance. For some people it may be the cabinets. Our designer is great about not having people fall in love with her style but making sure the materials they choose are an extension of the homeowner’s taste. After construction is when the simple, fun stuff like furnishings, rugs, barstools and window treatments come in!”


Tracy, what’s your philosophy on the design process?

“We each have our part – he comes up with layout options that could work well in the space for our client and I help them select the colors, materials and patterns that will make the space look spectacular in the end.  Then paint, lighting and fixtures add the finishing touch to the project.”

What exactly do you do to help people find their preferences for materials and decorations?

“What I can do to help people find what they really WANT, is to help them eliminate all the things they don’t want.  It is much easier to determine what you don’t like first, and then look through the possible “yes” materials and designs.  I think it is very important that I can help guide the client to getting as an example, a beautifully updated kitchen in their 1980’s home that doesn’t look out of place, or too modern for the traditional design in the house already.  Making some transitional updates can give a facelift to the house, that will still look fine with the existing layout, furnishings and design of the house.”

What can the client expect from you during the design process?

“The first thing I do when we have a new client is call and introduce myself.  First, I make an in-home appointment, so we can meet each other face to face and I can see their home.  That visit tells me a lot about these clients – what colors and styles they like and are comfortable with, is their home more formal or more casual, do they have children or pets.  All these questions come into play when deciding on materials like flooring or counter tops for durability and maintenance.  We decide a meeting time and place to begin the selection process of potential materials for their project(s).  The samples from our visits to the showrooms are sent home with them to look at, live with and see in different lighting during the day and evening. They’re able to decide if these materials will work, or if some changes need to be made to better suit their tastes.  Once the decisions are made, I organize my notes and drawings and send them to Rob, so he is able to plug everything in to the proposal!”

That’s fascinating Tracy, what got you into this industry?

“I got into this industry when I was a young mother raising my children.  I sewed all the draperies in my first home and had neighbors employing me to do the same for their homes.  As time went on, I worked at a Home Depot design center teaching the DIY wallpaper and painting classes.  I got my TBAE certification in 1995 and started working as a designer for the Home Depot EXPO in Dallas and in Plano. Since then, I have worked in several home builder design studios helping customers with their selections.  I have been working with Rob for the last 12 years helping his customers put together beautiful kitchen and bathroom remodels.”

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