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Often people don’t know who to call for certain projects. They call a handyman when it’s time for a full redesign and may hit up the redesign team when it’s really a simple fix to a sink or cabinet! Let’s look at the types of needs your home may have, and who can best help serve you.

When you have these types of needs, you want to hire a remodeling/redesign team:

Is your heart set on a beautiful upgraded kitchen or bathroom but you’re having trouble imagining how you can transform this area to have more space or suit your needs? It is very common to be stuck thinking small about a space you are very used to! An expert redesign team will show you every possible option for making your home exactly what you want, and make sure it’s best for your cooking and living style. A redesign remodeling team will help you form a master plan for your house by looking at the home’s design. As you plan on staying in your house long term, certain rooms really impact other rooms. Consult with a team that will get an idea of what you’re doing with your whole house, and help you redesign any other spaces adjacent to the remodeled room. A great home redesign will help you prevent the cost of multiple projects at different times, by adding that door to a certain wall or area you know you are going to want later. Appliances commonly drive the project and having expert helpers will help you form the best plan before you purchase. If you are going to be in your home long term, let a team show you all options, and make the house what you really love.


When it’s time to call a local contractor/handyman:

  • When the new oven doesn’t fit the old spot
  • Need to put in a few new windows
  • Fresh paint on the walls before you sell
  • Minor plumbing or electric work
  • Upgrade closet shelving

If you’re in need of a local contractor’s services, do your homework! Find a small, committed business that is responsible and engaged with customers.  Check if they are established with the BBB, and have legitimate contact information and an actual location. If you are only planning on being in your house for a few more years and want to improve the appearance with fresh paint or better countertops, a handyman will work just fine.

Servant Remodeling has specialized in redesign remodeling for 30 years. We focus on redesign remodeling, where we manage projects that coordinate multiple trades that range from $20,000 to $30,000. Sometimes multiple minor changes make it enough to hire the Servant Remodeling team. If you are adjusting shower or tub size, and need extra storage, it’s time to check out modifying your cabinet layout and making the room work for your lifestyle needs. We have built a solid reputation on quality workmanship, excellence, and integrity.

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