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When it comes to a major redesign remodel, the process is just as important as the outcome! We pride ourselves on an enjoyable and worry-free experience for our customers and stand by  our solid reputation for quality craftsmanship. Let’s walk through Servant Remodeling’s design process.

    Our first step is to get to know you, review your budget and hear what you like and don’t like about your existing space. We want to develop a design that meets your needs, including selecting materials that reflect your individual style. Our first meeting is typically hosted at our Dallas showroom where we have a large variety of samples to help you check out/see the best materials and finishes for your project. This is where we discuss some of the possibilities for your project, review our process, and give you the opportunity to get to know us as well. We explain how the redesign remodeling process works from design to construction to final results! We want you to feel confident about us, our company, and the process that’s proven to be an excellent roadmap to happy clients and results that transform both homes and lives. We will also provide references that allow you to connect with past clients.


    Our redesign remodeling will begin by drawing the existing floor plan of your space. We come to visit your home and learn more about the size, layout, likes and dislikes of the area we are planning to remodel. We learn about your lifestyle and how the natural flow of your space could be improved to use this area better. We will get all the necessary measurements and pictures needed to guide you to the best solution. Now that you’re comfortable with us and the budget range for the project, we complete the design agreement and get the design fee handled. This fee covers the upcoming design concepts and can be applied to 10% of the overall project cost. Now it’s time to fine-tune exactly how to accomplish your home’s project!• BRAINSTORMING REDESIGN OPTIONS
    Now that we have gotten to know you and the space we need to redesign, we typically explore 3-6 initial design concepts. These cover all the possible floor plans for your space, bringing together several different ideas that meet your goals. Our designer on staff will walk you through the details of choosing the material your redesign remodel will include. With expert help along the way, you decide on cabinets, counters, flooring and fixtures as we revise those initial floor plan ideas down to the perfect project proposal


    Here’s where we form the exact design, materials and cost for your remodel, confirming all the intricacies of your project. This is where we can tweak a certain material or construction option to get it exactly where and how you want it to be! We pride ourselves on providing an enjoyable and exciting design process that solidifies all details before construction begins. During our time serving clients with redesign remodeling needs, it’s apparent that some other contractors do not spend the time to finalize all details prior to the project or construction beginning, which makes for challenges and surprise costs. We aim to always provide superior service and high quality craftsmanship on every project. Now that we have reviewed all job specifications and final budget, we sign the final proposal for the project to begin!

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