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We’ve been serving North Texas homeowners for over thirty years and derive so much joy from getting to make dreams come true. Getting to see our clients’ reactions to their beautiful new spaces is the moment that brings all the planning and hard work together. The incredible “Before & After” images of kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas with their new open floor plan, high-tech appliances, and stylish furnishings are what normally gets the spotlight, but there’s some other goals a client can have that’s really dear to our hearts. Over the last decade, retirement communities’ occupancy rates continue to decrease as we watch a steady trend of multi-generational families under one roof or homeowners preferring accessibility and independence in the house they’ve loved and lived in for years instead of relocating. We love getting to apply our remodeling expertise to projects needing accessible design and aging in place and still create jaw-dropping transformations in clients’ homes. You heard that right. With help from professionals, you can have that beautiful design of your dreams that also functions for all kinds of people – without sacrificing style!

Aging-in-Place Remodeling for Dallas

Universal Design is the design and composition of an environment so that it can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, or disability. As we work through the design and remodeling process with Dallas homeowners, we make sure to learn all the needs our clients and their families could have throughout their lives, including any changes or variety in their physical condition so we can create the perfect design concept.

To keep access and ease of use available for the entire family, we’ll recommend features like:

-Single-floor design, wheelchair lifts and ramps
-Floor plans that provide ample space for wheelchairs, walkers, other mobility aids
-Lowered, lighted switches & additional lighting fixtures (motion activated cover plates and outlets)
-Vanity area, toilets, showers, or bathtubs designed for disabled or senior family members

Universal Design Bathroom Remodel

As we incorporate features for “aging in place” into your remodeling project, our emphasis will always be on safe, comfortable bathroom access. Ideal flooring options, wider doorways and hallways, and other elements can easily be included in remodeling living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens, but time spent alone in bathrooms creates the most risk for injury within most houses. With proper space planning and the perfect features customized into your design concept, bathrooms can easily be reconfigured to provide safety and independence for you and your loved ones.

Grab Bars 

When remodeling bathroom spaces for seniors, grab bars near toilets, showers, tubs, and other high traffic areas are great for assistance when sitting or standing.

Low Profile Shower Curbs and Entrances 

Low threshold entrances and wider doorways prevent slips and falls. Showers with low profile curbs keep the user from having to lift legs or mobility aids very high and risk losing their balance. We’ve also built some beautiful “roll-in showers” that allow folks with wheelchairs to roll into the shower before removing the seat.

Handheld Units and Benches 

Another universal design feature we see get a lot of love from people of all ages and abilities is the shower seat. Who doesn’t love a built-in place to rest when it’s time for hygiene? These custom benches and shelving paired with handheld shower heads help you and loved ones get a relaxing shower experience without having to stand, bend or reach too much. 

Accessible Storage & Countertops

Whether it be in a tall cabinet or the drawers under the bathroom sink, having to reach really high or crouch down low to gather items gets old faster than we do! Height accommodating appliances and fixtures reduce the need to bend or crouch down to reach the soap, toilet paper, and towels. 

Plenty of our North Texas remodeling clients that incorporate universal design into their projects aren’t seniors themselves; these features help the whole family and any house guests enjoy your space and time together safely. Reach out today to take the first steps toward making your home perfect for you for years to come.