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As you jump down the rabbit hole of redesign remodel possibilities, it can be enough for your eyes to glaze over! Are you just dying for a decorative range hood but Susan down the street says they’re out of style?  Feeling defeated because your dream kitchen has an open concept floor plan like everything trending on Pinterest, but you really don’t want your dirty dishes on display for guests? The one thing we wished every homeowner considering a redesign remodel would remember is that trends don’t matter, they do! Let’s explore creating solutions for current problems in your home and how to assure those changes keep working for you.

Go no further without reminding you to ask yourself, “Who is this redesign remodel for?” Remember that the answer is you! This helps clear out endless examples and concepts and helps us show you what can work best. Don’t just focus on the trends, focus on the great efficiency and energy you want to create as you change any space.

What won’t serve you best?

Going crazy “trendy” when making changes like these:

FLOORING- As you know, flooring TOTALLY transforms the look of a room. Keep that in mind when you see the super colorful, graphic tile-work. Make sure strong prints and patterns are going to stay as beloved by you as they may be now, because they can really date the room or overwhelm you after a bit.

SHELVING- Less cabinets… more open shelving? You heard us right. Yep, another trend. Unless you’re embracing minimalism, constant dusting and dish washing, we tend to see clients stay happy with beautiful, updated cabinetry that’s taller and deeper than what they had prior to remodeling. It absolutely transforms storage capability and organization in kitchens and bathrooms.

WALLS- We are all about some color and fun! Go bold with that accent wall or get the artistic backsplash tile from the counter tops to the bottom of upper cabinets. There just may be places it’s best to stay neutral as other styles, décor, and furniture may change. Just make sure you REALLY want that veined marble wall all over the new custom shower, ask yourself if the design decisions will age nicely or feel dated.

What’s best?

Making major changes that always serve you well!

SURFACES- We constantly help home owners replace the solid surface counter tops that rocked the 80’s and 90’s and install the beautiful quartz or granite they’ve been wanting! Explore all the counter top and cabinetry options that will suit your lifestyle. You’ll be surprised how much the way you entertain, cook, and even what you drink can help us connect you with the perfect surfaces for your home!

STORAGE- Those awesome pull-out drawers are perfect little hideaways for the appliances we don’t need every day, and bigger cabinets make all the difference for kitchen items. A place for everything, and everything in its place!

REDESIGNING FOR FAMILY- Reflect on your family and lifestyle, is it time to not have a divided kitchen, dining and living area? Would a more open design connect everyone in a great way? Maybe we are focused on creating efficient air flow and lighting but still want a little separation for major living areas? Whether it’s changes for a growing or aging family, better layout for entertaining, or time for major kitchen & bathroom upgrades, we have you covered. When you redesign remodel with Servant Remodeling, we make sure every decision is not only with you, but with your dream space in mind.

Trends don’t matter, YOU DO! Call (214) 343-1161 to explore your Dallas Area redesign remodel!