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So, you’re bringing in the big dogs to totally change up your kitchen? Well congratulations, we think it’s about time to settle for nothing less than the kitchen of your dreams! The date is planned, and the time has come to prepare for a complete redesign remodel, and then it happens, we see it, client’s eyes will just glaze over. Prepping the house and organizing for this big event can get overwhelming, right? Whether you are about to pull your hair out, or just open to a few tips for the prep, we wrote this just for you.

While It never hurts to tidy up, today could very well be the day to get everything ready and moved, so let’s address what to do with the mess that blocks joy AND the drawer from opening, (we’re looking at you, potato masher!) and get ready to set up your temporary kitchen for a bit.


Remove items you know are for daily use! This varies per person, but get those essentials separate, a few dishes, utensils, don’t even play, grab that Keurig and put it in the “SURVIVAL BOX.” You will be creating a space in another area of your home for all kitchen needs. Find a low-traffic spot with access to a power outlet, a source of water, and make-shift shelving/storage as your temporary kitchen. Get yourself away from where the construction will be and give yourself a little time to really reflect on what you will need from your regular drawers and cabinets, then just keep out what’s necessary.


You’re doing great, we’re proud of you. This is just STEP 1 but with food, everything’s got to get out of the pantry now! (It doesn’t hurt to use a few strategically planned meals to reduce the stored goods, helps lessen what you’re shuffling around and storing.) Be thinking of where you are cool with the fridge being moved, we must keep this next month’s food chilly when needed!


Set it on up! Time for some plastic storage bins or boxes, along with a few surfaces that will have to pretend to be your countertops. This could be anything from a folding table to the dining room table, the large dresser in the guest room, a giant TV stand you had sitting in the garage, you get the picture. Please keep in mind to protect the floor and any surfaces you are using for storage or resting hot or cold items as you “play kitchen” in a non-kitchen area. Always remember you can ask your contractor, we are always here for you and do this every day, we have worked and helped in so many homes, if you have questions on where and how to set up while we are in there remodeling, call us or pick our brains when we’re around.


Plan out the basics, confirm you have a few appliances that provide what you need for common cooking. We see clients use electric kettles, skillets, pressure cookers, blenders, microwaves, etc.


Look at your masterpiece. It may feel like you’re back in college, camping, or living a century ago, but have no fear, just as you are completely aware you are not about the minimalist lifestyle, your BRAND-NEW KITCHEN will be all done.


Invite everyone you know over to your house, so they can see how good you look in your new kitchen.


If you’re chuckling at this article, and aren’t our clients yet, CALL (214) 343-1161 for all your redesign remodeling needs!