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You have set it up, time to check out all the ways you can repurpose your space. A redesign remodeling team is there for you through every step of the journey, so it’s only natural we’d love to give you a few pointers!

The goals of that design consult around the corner are things like:

-Get a feel for the ideas you like, budget and preferences

-Understanding your current space and its issues

-Provide a rough budget range for project

-Explain the process, from budget, brainstorming, time frames

-Scheduling design time frame and physical construction

Not clear on what you like and don’t like about your kitchen or bathroom? No worries! We take the design process from the infancy of an idea and develop a thorough plan to transform your home. If this consult starts out as “Maybe I want an island?” or “Can we make it where I can entertain in here?” that’s just fine! Just come into this with an open mind, because this can be way more than just adding a little counter space. Material and design wise, we will pick out exactly what you like as a team.

  • Come in with an open mind! No ideas required just yet! 
  • Don’t start buying anything until the design is worked out. If there are existing appliances you wish to use, we will absolutely accommodate that, but don’t make any rushed decisions! 

A common question we receive is “How much money should I spend on this project based on my home’s value?” Your new, redesigned room in your home is not limited by current market value, it has everything to do with your stay and comfort where you live. Time is going to be the important factor, how long you are going to stay in your home impacts how much you should spend much more than the current value. The longer you are going to live in your home, the MORE we need to make it for you and your short and long term needs.

The happiest customers are the ones that maintain an open mind, welcome a few ideas, and appreciate direction and input. The SR Team is there to understand your goals and issues and help repurpose your space to suit your needs. Give us a call @214-343-1161 today to explore the possibilities for your home!