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The way you plan out your interior space will have a massive impact on how functional and aesthetically pleasing that space will be once the remodeling or construction project is done. Servant Remodeling offers superior space planning services so you can be sure the new space in your home will meet or exceed your expectations. Not only are we completely committed to using high quality materials and working with experienced craftsmen and technicians, we’re also committed to delivering the very best in client satisfaction.

Tips For

Planning Your New Space

As you’re going through the initial stages of planning your home remodeling or construction project, there are some essential questions and space planning elements you’ll want to tend to. Questions you’ll want to ask yourself as you’re planning your new interior space include:

  • How do you plan on using the room?
  • Is there a certain way you want your room to look?
  • How would you like your room to feel?

Planning elements to pay attention to include:

  • Color: The color of a room will have a huge impact on the way the room looks as well as how it feels. Are you going for a relaxing, exciting or inspiring ambience?
  • Furniture Arrangement: Think of how you want to move through the room and what the room will be used for when you’re deciding what kind of furniture to get and how you’d like to arrange it. Our in-house designer can also help you decide where to place your furniture.
  • Lighting: The perfect lighting can help a room look its best and function better. There are three layers of lightning that can truly pull a room together, accent, ambient and task.

While the size and shape of your space can prove to be a challenge when space planning, it doesn’t have to be a problem when you’re working with Servant Remodeling.

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