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This year has had rough times and uncertainty for most folks, and we think everyone in 2020 could probably use more hugs, more laughs, and more relaxation. Here’s some great ideas to balance life, work, and show your house some love as you prepare for an enjoyable fall season!

We are about to start talking candles and throw blankets, so before any men leave the page, save the link for this handy list that covers prepping your house for the upcoming season. So what is self care? Self care is for you, it’s activities you plan and carry out with yourself in mind, this means very different things to different people, so take your time exploring what helps you meet your own needs, improves your mood and reduces stress. Part with the notion that “self-care” is indulgence, it is not a selfish act. We can’t pour from an empty cup, so let’s fill up!

Add Some Color
Feeling artistic and ready for a little change? A fresh, rich color or pattern on an accent wall will really transform your space. If you’re ready for a new focal point but aren’t ready to paint a wall, consider painting a collection of picture frames to add a pop of color to the hallway or living area. Get the painter’s tape and paintbrush out, here’s a list of cool projects you can pull off with just one can of paint!


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Try Out a Housekeeping Schedule
Avoiding the overwhelm that can come with having to tackle last week’s chores can absolutely count as self-care. There are many online and book resources for cleaning schedules, but we decided to keep it classic and include a to-do list that will hit 80 years old before we know it. Let’s try out some vintage techniques from the days when marketing literally meant “to visit the grocery store.” Wild! (Disregard chores meant for appliances that don’t run like they do now, modern refrigerators don’t need weekly defrosting.) The 1947 Edition of The Good Housekeeping Housekeeping Book shares this weekly schedule:

    • Monday: Grocery and Kitchen
    • Tuesday: Laundry
    • Wednesday: Bedrooms and Bathrooms
    • Thursday: Linens and Living Room
    • Friday: Groceries, Defrost Fridge, Dining Rooms & Halls
    • Weekend: Free Day/Family Day

And here’s what is suggested for a daily checklist.

  • Kitchen: Put away food, clean coffee grounds, wash dishes & sink, sweep, empty wastebasket.
  • Bedrooms: Hang up night clothes, make beds, straighten & dust, dust/vacuum blinds.
  • Living Room: Discard faded flowers & old magazines, dust furniture & plump pillows, stack magazines & return anything out of place, remove surface litter.
  • Dining Room and Halls: Same as living room, sweep after each meal

Many modern reviews of this housekeeping schedule really liked the weekly schedule’s flow of daily room-specific chores, as it helped prevent the game of catch-up you end up stuck with on weekends. While we clearly aren’t homemakers in the ’50s, take what you felt worked for you and leave the rest, it’s for self-care, not to add to more burnout!


Cut Clutter & Make New Space
Give some attention to your spaces with counters, shelves and closets and gather a large bag or box of items to part with. It feels so good to remove a bit of clutter or old clothing. See if having a few less trinkets to dust and clothes to store gives your home a fresh feel. Are there any areas besides where you sleep that are free from distractions and put you in a calm state? Create a new space dedicated to calm yourself and have that time for you, could be a table for sewing projects, painting, exercising or cooking! If you don’t already have them, spoil yourself with new decorative containers for your baking ingredients and make sure the kitchen equipment you use to cook and serve things like turkey, ham, casseroles, and pies are ready for use. It’ll be November before we know it.


Get Cozy
It’s nice to adjust the feel of your favorite spaces to match the season. Next time you’re shopping, add a few scented candles or essential oils to the shopping cart, then go home and make a whole mood with fresh smells and pretty colors! Scents like vanilla, lavender, and rose are comforting in an oil diffuser or candle, but keep an eye out for holiday ideas, like mixing nutmeg, ginger, and orange oil smells JUST like apple cider. Here’s a few recipes to try out! If cider scents aren’t your thing, there’s great candle brands that make the whole house smell like pumpkin spice, earthy forest, or fresh pie. Bring relaxing energy to your favorite places with the warm glow of candles, and as the temperature cools, break out the heavier bedspread and keep a throw blanket near your coziest chair or couch to get in on the fall vibes.
Now it’s time for the hot coffee, tea, or cocoa!

Get Outside
Sometimes some fresh air and movement is just what the doctor ordered. Walk or hike with a purpose to unwind and connect with the beauty of your surroundings, enjoy family picnics, date nights, ride a bike, visit a greenhouse or do a little shopping at your local garden center! Mums, marigolds and sunflowers all do very well on the porch this time of year, and are perfect for some low maintenance gardening. A beautiful pop of fall color to your entryway is sure to bring smiles as you arrive home. So stop and smell the flowers, catch the sunset, and soak your troubles away if you have access to a pool or hot tub.

Do You!
Focusing on you can be so many things, as silly as it sounds, it can be making a “no list.” Add some self-care to your schedule by simply saying no to certain tasks, putting the phone on silent for family meals, letting the emails wait a few days/ nights a week, or ditching certain activities that just don’t serve your greater good any longer. Disconnect from technology and distractions, spend time with the people you love, and enjoy the things you haven’t made time for. Grab the new books on your wish list, enjoy the cinema with family and friends, and maybe put your foot down on an activity or expectation that isn’t working so well for your well-being. For more ideas, check out PsychCentral’s list. 

As psychotherapist Emily Griffiths, LPC, put it… “The opposite of self-care is self-neglect, and neglecting our emotional and physical health leads to increased anxiety, depression, and physical illness.” It’s absolutely vital that we make a little time for ourselves so we can keep our energy, patience and happiness up! We hope there’s plenty of peace and joy in your life and in your home for the rest of 2020.

Trying to make space for self-care and just don’t have it?
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