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What’s it all mean and what should you do?

Keep in mind that both remodeling and renovating both refer to making improvements on an existing structure. While renovation means to simply repair or restore an existing structure, an actual remodel changes the structure or form of something.

Redesign remodeling through a reputable company involves making sure the layout of a room will work best for your household, keeping the projects safe and cost-effective, while exploring all the options possible with your space. Every project Servant Remodeling performs has a team of skilled, licensed, and insured craftsmen and technicians involved in the remodeling process. You can rest assured that we will do everything possible to make sure we complete your new design and remodeling job on schedule so you can start enjoying your new space as soon as possible.

For simpler renovation needs, each project and household vary and determine what homeowners end up choosing to either tackle themselves or bring in a professional. Break down your scope of work, potential costs, and develop a strategy for the phases of your renovation project. If your project or projects are small, cosmetic, and only light demolition needed, you may be able to go solo and get it done yourself! If there ends up being major needs like structural repair, gas, electricity, or plumbing work, call in the big dogs.

Servant Remodeling specializes in space planning, design consultation, floor plans, and both exterior and interior design work. A lot of mental labor and skill goes in to deciding on the perfect layout for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or other areas of your home. When you’re seeking help with your redesign remodel, choose a company that has an in-house design team to take on the brunt of the work while helping you explore all of your options to find the perfect design that fits your lifestyle and your taste.

Before you do business with any remodeling company it’s a good idea to check out their remodeling process beforehand so you can determine whether or not the two of you will be a good fit. Remodeling projects are something you don’t want to take any risks with, so make sure you do your due diligence before you make any agreements, sign any papers or write any checks. Servant Remodeling strives for full customer satisfaction with all of our Dallas area clients, which is why we want you to know exactly how we go about giving you the home of your dreams

Homeowners come to us for solutions to many different problems within their home and make the choice to remodel for a variety of reasons. You could be looking for great quality redesign remodeling services to improve or adapt your living space due to lifestyle changes, special needs, damage, deterioration, layout, or function.  Normally one of these needs drives the decision to find a trustworthy remodeling company in your area. Whether it’s for major repairs, upgrading to plan for your family’s needs, or just create the space you have always dreamed of, give us a call! 214-343-1161