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The North American ice storm in February 2021 hit Texas hard. More than 4 million households were without power at one point, and many homeowners had pipes freeze, burst and flood their homes and businesses. While the number of people injured or killed by the storm has not yet been confirmed, please know that our hearts are with everyone. We have served the Dallas area for 30 years; we know the community and love this area because these are our neighborhoods too. This is where we live, and you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

This recent storm’s record-low temperatures burst pipes and caused water damage to many local homeowners, and we have helped many families through remodeling projects in Dallas due to damage like this and know what a nightmare it can feel like.

“Are you wanting to just put it back the way it was and just do what insurance is covering or are you looking to upgrade or remodel in the process?”

If you’re opting for that upgrade or remodel, then we’re your guys!
Navigating the insurance restoration process for property damage can be complex and stressful, and we’re here for you. We have a passionate, dedicated team that helps you through the entire process, providing you with expertise in each aspect of your claim, redesign of your new space, and selection of all the material and appliances to be used in your remodeling project. When you have the right folks in your corner to help with the insurance company, the remodeling aspect that comes after the repair and reconstruction can be exciting and simple. We’ll build you the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Many North Texas homes went without working plumbing or clean water until the beginning of March, and are now able to see the extent of the damage the storm caused. We’ve got your back.

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