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Not too long ago quartz in your kitchen or bathroom paled in comparison to the authentic beauty of natural stone like marble and granite. The way manufacturers are making quartz these days has made the possibilities endless. As they mix the quartz with resins and pigments you can now get a variety of swirls, flakes and lines, making these slabs stunning and requiring the average eye to do a double take! Like “Are you SURE this isn’t marble?!”

What’s so great about it?

On top of closely matching the beauty of its natural counterparts, it remains a very durable option for kitchens and bathrooms. Quartz is a very hard, non-porous material that stays low maintenance, impact and heat resistant for daily use.

Is it right for you?

As you redesign, a great remodeling team will walk you through more than just what you spend, touching base about lifestyle as much as budget. Marble and other materials are easily stained by items like wine and toothpaste, so children in the home or regular entertaining may make quartz your favorite option. It doesn’t have to be sealed like natural stone, and is now made to look like concrete, marble, and even wood grain!

What’s the catch?

No material or product is perfect, and due to the resins blended in the manufacturing process quartz shouldn’t be used outdoors. Even kitchen countertop quartz must be protected from heavy sunlight to prevent discoloration. Using quartz commonly doubles your cost, as the manufacturing process adds expense vs. natural stone.

Many people still favor the look of authentic stone and opt for granite for more traditional looks for their remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, wanting medium to darker shades for countertops.

We must give credit where it’s due, quartz has come a long way! If you want lighter colors or a more modern look for your new room, quartz is definitely the way to go!