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Homeowners make the choice to remodel for a variety of reasons. You could be looking for great quality redesign remodeling services to improve or adapt your living space due to lifestyle changes, special needs, damage, deterioration, layout, or function.  Normally one of these needs drives the decision to find a trustworthy remodeling company in your area. When we spoke to Rob, Owner of Servant Remodeling, about this topic, he reminded us that although redesign remodeling projects start with a need, a decision to remodel is more than just a calculation or damage control. With the right remodeling company, the process is equal parts relief and excitement, and really enjoyable to watch come together. Check out our chat with Rob, discussing common areas they transform, and what their clients are typically dealing with.

Rob, what are the most common areas redesigned within your indoor remodeling services?

Definitely kitchen and bathroom remodels, after anywhere from 10-40 years in a home, homeowners can really use help with damage and maintenance to these high traffic spaces, especially where there is running water, lots of usage, and outdated materials that have had to constantly handle heat, chemicals, weight, etc.

Very interesting. That makes sense. Let’s say homeowners have lucked out and don’t have water behind their shower tiles, or the kitchen appliances haven’t wrecked the floor yet. What are the other priorities you see when clients find you to help?

Lifestyle really covers it. Whether it’s needing an improved layout, better access and safety for places like stairs, walk-in showers instead of bathtubs, or less corners for grand-babies, the space planning we perform for redesign remodeling clients guarantees more than a beautiful new space, but one that will work for entertaining company, helping the clients and their loved ones with their mobility as they age in the home, along with a fresh, and more modern appearance.

Wow. So much can be accomplished with the redesign of a single space in a home. Besides deterioration or safety within the home, what are the common complaints you see most often for the kitchens and bathrooms?

For kitchens, it’s normally several of these three things:

Storage and Cabinet Space: Typically our clients have many aspects of this area that are not ideal with the layout. There isn’t enough counter space, hard to get to certain areas, having to get down on hands and knees to dig to try to find something, even things get lost in back of cabinets. It’s common that appliances are not energy efficient or are very outdated. Then there’s just the look, not happy with current outdated look of kitchen, including the counters and floors. So as we go in for space planning and repair, we show them all the possibilities for a high quality, modern kitchen with much better function.

Poor Lighting in Kitchen: Older kitchens are very closed off from main living areas, newer homes have a more open floor plan, so we enjoy getting to blend the kitchen with more of the main living space, including opening up walls, adding much more storage and counter space as we transform the kitchen in to the heart of the home. Sometimes it does involve windows, clients wanting both better quality or creating the space to add more, but it is usually more about artificial lighting, LED lighting, accent lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and even in-cabinet lighting! This completely changes how well you can use your kitchen and its items.

Kitchen’s Too Small: Sometimes this area just feels way too small for the size of the house and it’s time to expand it. We explore how open clients would want it by getting a thorough understanding of how the kitchen is used. Some people still want to be able to go INTO their kitchen, some people want it to be much more of an entertaining area.

For master bathrooms, its normally these problems:

Shower is too small, outdated countertops and tile work. Homeowners’ motivation is normally a problem they need help with, which allows them to explore modernity and beauty being created in this space. Sometimes shower is leaking, outdated appliances, plumbing fixtures are bad, often older bathrooms are very compartmentalized. Separate vanity areas and commode being hidden away are fixed with a bigger and more open bathroom as we improve it with a newer style.

Servant Remodeling doesn’t stop with transforming kitchens and bathrooms, they balance high quality work with timely production for countless indoor and outdoor design and remodeling services. If you’re in the DFW Metroplex, call them today at 214-343-1161.