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Small & Partial Kitchen Renovation

Many clients have parts they love about their home, and parts they would love to change. Because the same may be true of your kitchen, we offer partial kitchen renovation services.

What’s a Partial Kitchen Remodel?

During a partial kitchen renovation, we’ll replace and upgrade several aspects of your kitchen while leaving others the same. You may choose to keep certain pieces like your cabinets while we replace flooring and lighting. During the kitchen renovation process, we’ll also update and refinish your cabinets depending on your preferences.

A partial kitchen renovation allows you to remove and replace parts of your kitchen that are outdated or worn down while keeping the pieces you are particularly fond of.

We also offer complete kitchen renovations!

Enjoy the Difference Servant can Make

Call us today at 214-343-1161 or contact us online to start your partial kitchen renovation. Servant Remodeling places a strong emphasis on friendly customer service, quality work and happy customers. Our job isn’t done until you are thrilled with the outcome.

Design for Your Kitchen Renovation

Here at Servant Remodeling, we understand the renovation process starts with an idea and ends with your final evaluation of the project. In order to help you determine which parts of your kitchen need to be updated and to ensure your vision becomes reality, you’ll work closely with our in-house design consultants during your kitchen renovation.

Along with the services of an Interior Designer, you’ll also have access to a Project Manager who works to bridge the gap between the design and the actual construction. This open communication enables us to help you and our remodeling team to avoid hidden kitchen remodeling costs. With your valuable input in every step of the process, we guarantee you’ll end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

Our construction services are unmatched and all of our materials are of the highest quality. We are fully licensed and insured to further protect each of our clients during the kitchen renovation process.