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Does your family want to bring movie nights to a whole new level or step up their game plan for Sunday night football? Transforming your den or formal family room into an impressive home theater is an exciting way to bring the family together and take entertaining to the next level. We’ve gotten to include a new media room design in Dallas homeowners’ remodeling projects and it’s always a big hit!

Here’s some easy tips for the perfect media room remodel:

1.) Consider Your Media Storage

In your new home theatre, you don’t want to see cable boxes and wires everywhere. Design a small closet to keep all of your media components in to leave your TV to be the star of the show without competing technology in the way. If a separate closet doesn’t work, you can also redesign your cabinets to store your media components. To help your electronics last long, consider doors with screens to keep your technology aired and cool.

2.) Don’t Forget About Acoustics

Consider all the surfaces in your home theatre and how they will affect the sound. You can easily improve acoustics with thick carpeting. If you don’t want to cover up your hardwood floors with carpet, include a big rug or fabric wall panels to improve the acoustics. Consider including some unique lighting fixtures for a sleek, modern design to help create that theater ambiance.

3.) Seating for Everybody

In your remodel design, consider the number of guests you will be having over. Whether it is a big family movie night or the big game, everyone is going to need a good view of the TV. Depending on the type of setup you are going for, a big huddle of chairs, ottomans, or recliners may be a better use of your space. A variety of seating options and lots of space allows for more flexibility for your guests and creates a more welcoming environment.

4.) Snack Time

What’s a movie night without popcorn? A good general rule is that everyone should be within arm’s length of one table or flat surface. Fill your space with some side tables or tray-tabled ottomans to make sure your guest aren’t just enjoying the movie or the game but also their food and drinks.

5.) Team Spirit

If you’re remodeling to step up your Sunday game days, you don’t necessarily need a big mural of your favorite sports team to get that real-time stadium feel. Consider adding subtle nods to your favorite teams and players through your color palette, like an accent wall with your team’s colors, logo, or framed jerseys to match your blankets and throw pillows. Get sporty in your new space!

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