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The major goal. The end result. The whole reason you bring in the experts to do what we do!

Our mission: Maximizing your rooms to their full potential.  As we figure out the ideal way to lay out a space, we talk functionality, upgrades, aesthetics, storage, and budget. Follow along as we talk ins and outs of redesign remodeling!

Let’s give you some space.

So what exactly makes up a professional view on the redesign planning of a remodel? For example, imagine best possible functionality for a kitchen, perfect ease of use, think moving from stove to fridge to sink. Kitchen means major storage needs, along with plenty of gadgets and functions. Having this new space naturally aid you in cleanliness and organization is our objective, picking the right cabinets, storage racks and compartments, and upgrades is where we love to come in and save the day. Breaking down those pros and cons for certain items is a great and common help for homeowners making these choices. Maybe that nifty pull-out pantry looks useful, but once those extra drawers and shelves are weighted down with cans and boxes, may not be so simple to maneuver!  We help provide all possible choices for easy access to everything you need, increased storage for those necessities, and the pep in your step that comes with a beautiful new space in your home.

Budget, meet choices.

The biggest impact of a project is brainstorming all options and possibilities, we are there to talk every idea with you, along with the pros and cons of each choice. This comes into play with the layout of any room receiving a redesign remodel. When we are helping plan said space, we make sure to work with an existing door or window openings to keep costs down or make a big impact on the room by shifting just one thing you are ready to change. There is no perfect design that won’t impact other spaces, there are always exterior walls, rooms around space, and budget. We keep in mind the costs and all these moving parts, walls, and variety of choices.

Common Redesign Strategies:

Kitchen Redesign-

  • Pantries that pull out! Remember us mentioning the full transformer cupboard/pantry? While it may be ideal to put in a couple roll-out trays, refrain from moving racks or trays that get too heavy or complex, we don’t want obstructions to other parts of pantry.
  • Walking through the pros and cons of open concept redesigns, we aim to get to know our clients and their lifestyles. If you open up your kitchen to your family room, now we’re talking less walls, less cabinets and storage, and more sound that carries. We always make sure any changes suit your needs and lifestyle.
  • Some kitchens we will expand into breakfast area, taking out a breakfast table or nook, but keeping the beautiful dining room intact.
  • Basic kitchen option exploration. Will this room work with an island? A peninsula? Taking out walls?
  • With past clients, they were interested in taking out a closet or pantry but adding cost due to an additional support beam led us to cost vs. benefit analysis.
  • Just transforming certain cabinets with full extension, soft-close drawers can really impact your new space! Lots of gadgets can go into your new kitchen remodel, we help you understand options and what is important to use. Some gadgets limit your space, so that special pop-up or drawer for a certain appliance should be a regularly used item and priority in the redesign process.

Bathroom Redesign-

  • Closet vs. bathroom: When master bath is getting a bigger shower, it’s going to make other areas smaller. Potential shrinking of closet by bigger tub/shower means major redesign to expand storage or closet space.

Home extensions-

  • That add-on is going to cost you backyard space. Maybe the future pool’s size. Any time a client wants to make a space bigger, we explore every major redesign option of existing space. It’ll blow your mind what we can help you achieve with a redesign remodel.

When it’s time to break down all redesign options, transform your home and work with your budget, we are going to help you wade through all the solutions and choose what’s best for you. Our professional designer is here to help get to know your style and help you pick out the materials that pull it all together. We will get to know you, your lifestyle, and what you need and want for your ideal space. Reach out today to get started! CALL 214-343-1161!