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Spring is around the corner, it’s time for an important health check on your home’s foundation. Whether you’re about to get planting, or just checking on your house’s structure and current landscaping, here’s a great list for Dallas homeowners:

Fill in low areas: 

Make sure low areas in your yard are filled with compacted soil to avoid a spring showers flooding your yard. This prevents foundation damage and nasty insects moving into water pools.

Clean and improve gutters:

Check your gutters for holes and cracks and your downspouts for built up leaves and dirt. Make sure no plants are blocking any drains. It’s a great time to improve your gutter system with underground downspouts or extensions to push water farther away from your foundation.

Give that foundation space:

Trees’ root systems can do serious damage by growing under your foundation, roots seek moisture and wreak havoc on your home if too close. Remember trees can grow up to three times the crown’s width! Make sure you leave several inches of space visible so you can monitor your foundation and keep trees a healthy distance from home.

  • Large trees of up to 70 feet should be 20 feet from home
  • Medium sized trees of up to 70 feet tall should be 15 feet away
  • Small trees 30 feet tall or less should be 8-10 feet from home

For the Do’s and Don’ts of Tree Planting, click here.

Even Watering:

The clay soil in North Texas will expand much more in heavily watered areas. Soil expansion under landscaped areas near foundation mean trouble for your Dallas home, make sure your whole yard receives even water to prevent excess moisture and thirsty soil.

Flower beds:

Get to mulching! Mulch on your flower beds help retain moisture and keep soil from getting too dry. Check your property’s landscaping, make sure you prevent erosion and water pooling by having an adequate slope within the ten-foot distance around your home. For resources on correct slope and drainage, click here. 

Remember to keep a close eye on foundation movement in spring and summer months, warm, dry weather moving your foundation can lead to cracked walls and damaged pipes. Check plumbing, sewer, and sprinkler systems for leaks or blockages.

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” We wish you a lovely Spring season!