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Landscape Design

Turn your walkway, outdoor kitchen, or waterfall into your ideal oasis with the help of a qualified landscape architect from Servant Remodeling who specializes in landscaping.

Our Landscape Design Services

Don’t forget about the exterior of your Dallas home as you plan your remodeling and design projects. Not only can professional landscaping make your home more appealing, it can also do wonders for the value if you ever decide to put it on the market. Every luxury home deserves a luxurious landscape!

Servant Remodeling has more than 30 years of experience with landscape design services, and we’ll do everything we can to exceed the expectations you have for the look of your patio, deck and any other outside area of your home.

We know how overwhelming it can be sometimes when you’re creating a landscape design. There are so many avenues to explore you can have a hard time deciding where to start. There are a few landscape design tips to bear in mind while you’re deciding on the look for your home’s landscape:

Make a list of wants and needs to start getting an idea of what your landscape will look like, just a few lines and circles to indicate where everything will go will serve you perfectly. Pay attention to the sun and wind patterns as well so you can decide where your new patio or walkway will go. (Having dinners in the summer will be more grueling than enjoyable if you have your patio on the west side of your home.) Have a focal point or two that a landscape designer can work around.