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Home Remodeling Costs

What does it cost to renovate or remodel a home in 2023? The two most determining factors in remodeling costs are the size and complexity of your residential remodeling project. With over 35 years of experience serving DFW homeowners, we love that each of our clients’ remodels has unique needs and budgets; here are some basic pricing we know can help as you research the best redesign remodeling options for you and your home.

BAthroom remodel

kitchen remodel

Exterior Remodel


Standard Kitchen

$50,000 – $75,000 (Appliances Not Included)

Luxury Kitchen

$75,000 PLUS (Appliances Not Included)


Guest/secondary Bathroom

$30,000 – $50,000

Master Bathroom

$45,000 – $70,000

Luxury Master Bathroom

$70,000 PLUS


Room Addition (No Plumbing)

$200 – $400 Plus / Sq Ft

Room Addition (With Plumbing)

$200 – $400 PLUS / SQ FT + $20,000 – $50,000


$75 – $150 PLUS / SQ FT

Whole House Interior

$50 – $200 / SQ FT


Average cost per square foot?

The more square footage involved in your home renovation project, the more expensive it will be. On average, renovating an entire home will cost $20 – $60 sq ft.

A whole house remodeling project runs from $75 – $200 sq ft., meaning the more square footage involved in your renovation project, the more you are likely pay. 

Is it time to upgrade appliances, cabinets, and countertops or convert your main living space into the open floor plan of your dreams? Ready to explore the current cost estimates for your projects? Here is the insight we share with homeowners in North Texas as they begin their journey. We’re here to help all design, selections, and planning be more exciting and less stressful. 

What’s the difference between a home remodel and a home renovation?

It’s a remodel when you change the purpose or function of a room, like converting a separate den, or dining room, reconfiguring a bathroom or kitchen. A redesign would be considered a remodel and kitchen into a modern open floor plan using structural changes. A renovation project refers to enhancing or refreshing the space with repairs, upgrades, or updates to elements of a room, like a bathroom getting a new shower, countertops, new textures, painting, flooring

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How much should I spend on my home remodel or renovation?

A high-end home remodel can range from $75 -$200 per sq ft. When remodeling the inside of your house, you must factor in the cost of demolishing the interior of those spaces; this scope of remodeling project can run anywhere from $15 to $60 per square foot. While it can be costly to replace or upgrade your appliances, electrical, and plumbing as needed as you redesign and remodel. Still, investing in these improvements can significantly impact your home’s comfort, value, and efficiency.

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