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Home Floor Plan Design

As you’re planning your home remodeling project, whether that be on paper or maybe just in your head, make sure you include designs for your floor plan into consideration.

Floor Plans

Having the correct floor plans is just as important as the furniture, fixtures and colors that will make up the room. Just as the foundation determines how your home will last, the floor plan layout will determine how you’ll arrange your furniture and where items will go. By working with a Servant Remodeling floor plan designer, you will have a custom floor plan that optimizes the layout of the room.

Floor Plan Options

Deciding on the perfect floor plan for your home, condominium, bathroom, kitchen or addition remodeling project can be a little daunting considering that nearly an unlimited number of options for you to choose from. Your best bet is to work hand in hand with our interior designers to create custom plans that you know you will love.

Basic floor plan options a qualified floor plan designer can help you to explore include:

Open Floor Plans. Open floor plans are becoming more and more popular and are used as a way to combine the kitchen with neighboring rooms and areas in order to make a single massive place for families and friends to gather
Gallery-Style Full Service Bath. With this floor plan option the tub and shower are kept separate against one wall of the bathroom while a sink, dressing table, toilet and storage are positioned against the opposite wall. This is a good option if you have a compact space in your bathroom you’d like to fully utilize
Conventional Ranch Style. With the ranch style floor plan all of the bedrooms are on one side of the home with the master bedroom separated from the others