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Homeowners continue to transition their spaces into more open floor plans, and redesigned spaces that may not go completely “open concept” are very often remodeled to no longer separate light, view, and interaction.  As a redesign remodeling company, we help homeowners all over the Dallas metroplex explore their vision for the new spaces in their home. Here’s some things to keep in mind:

Home décor does not have to permanently be dictated by the age of your home. Modern fixtures and cabinetry can blend nicely with other rooms in the home that may keep some of the original features (wood, glass, etc.) As we get to know you, your lifestyle, and learn what elements of your original space you enjoy and want to keep, we help develop the space and style with that in mind. Combining rooms, their functions, and even styles together can be a tough job, but blending old with new can be a fun, creative process through mixing and matching colors, products, and styles.

Lighting Fixtures:

-Vintage inspired chandeliers have helped add such ambiance and class to a dining area that’s now open with the kitchen in older homes

-Matching pendant lights over new islands, countertops, or dining areas really help updated kitchens not look like they were transplanted into your house

-Living room fixtures like lamps in certain styles, shapes, and colors can either match warm, neutral shades throughout the space or be a pop of color that matches focal points like the kitchen backsplash or eye-catching countertops.

Wood Work:

-While you aim for some contrast between your flooring and cabinetry, living room and dining area furniture look really nice in similar shades to new kitchen surfaces. Did you go with the rich, dark espresso for your new wooden cabinets? Then match the coffee table and bistro table to it! These are the choices that help the interior design of your new space really blend the new additions. Whether you opt for a modern, clean white kitchen and bathroom, or darker, warmer colors and surfaces, blending contemporary with the original style is absolutely possible.

Home Décor:

-Throw pillows and blankets, wall art, curtains, rugs, don’t be afraid to mix styles a bit. With so many homes getting remodeled for more open concepts, we blend old and new interiors while defining spaces without closing them off. Cohesive color themes, area rugs, and focal walls through paint and artwork can create an amazing energy and flow to your new home.

Space Planning:

Original kitchens in older homes can feel isolating and constricting for housework and family time. Get with a licensed contractor with a team that knows the products and process extremely well, and will lay out different versions of your blended, updated home that can really work for you. A well-designed kitchen can be so efficient and beautiful and does not have to double in size or break the budget.

Here’s our interior designer, Tracy, with her take on the strategy and creativity the Servant Remodeling team uses:

“What I can do to help people find what they really WANT, is to help them eliminate all the things they don’t want.  It is much easier to determine what you don’t like first, and then look through the possible “yes” materials and designs.  I think it is very important that I can help guide the client to getting as an example, a beautifully updated kitchen in their 1980’s home that doesn’t look out of place, or too modern for the traditional design in the house already.  Making some transitional updates can give a facelift to the house, that will still look fine with the existing layout, furnishings and design of the house. Our team each has our part – Rob comes up with layout options that could work well in the space for our client and I help them select the colors, materials and patterns that will make the space look spectacular in the end.  Then paint, lighting and fixtures add the finishing touch to the project.”