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Design Consultation

There have never been more do-it-yourself resources for Dallas area homeowners looking to remodel their luxury homes. There are situations however, when an experienced and knowledgeable design consultant can make your remodel a complete success. Servant Remodeling has their own in-house designer who will sit down with you in a one-on-one consultation and help give your home the perfect design makeover.

Working with a Professional Design Consultant

While there’s nothing wrong with handling your home remodeling project on your own, you’ll benefit from the input of a professional designer who can help take your vision and  make your home look better than you ever thought possible. Other advantages of working with a design consultant are:


  • Fully developing your vision while creating a unique space that’s fully optimized.
  • Having someone available who can answer important questions related to design. You can waste a lot of time and money with do-it-yourself resources if they don’t answer all the questions you have or have a guide that perfectly fits you and your home remodeling vision
  • Being able to save time and money by having the design consultant fully illustrate the effects of your design idea before it’s actually built.
  • Having access to special insider information and resources you might never discover on your own. An interior design consultant can help you find the perfect materials, lay-out, and furniture pieces.