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It’s a great problem to have after being in business for thirty years, there’s a lot of smiling faces, happy tears, proud families, and beautiful homes to remember. No matter when and why our remodeling team was hired to come in and help, it’s a blessing to create what homeowners are dreaming about.

Our Dallas area redesign remodeling has brought us all kinds of projects and clients! Sometimes their needs start with bringing their home up to housing code requirements, so we explore all of their space planning options, and create a beautiful aesthetic and much better layout to their home while we’re in there. Sometimes serious construction needs to go on to support a much more open floor plan than what was originally constructed during home build.

One of the oldest houses we got to work on was definitely over one hundred years old. We were brought in for a kitchen redesign remodel on an old farmhouse that was partially a house and a church. The kitchen was a very large L-shape, and the homeowners were ready for a much higher end space with high quality appliances. Their living room was the original sanctuary of the old church, it was a really unique home and memorable project.

There was a remodel we did last year for an extended family in a two-story home. With the only master bedroom upstairs for the parents, the grandparents were staying in a small room on the downstairs floor. The nice, older folks on the first story only had a tiny hall bathroom available to them, that was disconnected from their bedroom completely. After space planning, we created a master suite for the grandparents, including a private bath that was enclosed through part of the hallway. Getting to redesign that space for that family, including the legally blind grandmother, was really special to us. On top of the new master suite on the first floor, we added a really great half-bathroom under the large staircase for visiting guests to use. While there for the redesign remodel, we were investigating weird noses on the second floor, as we opened up the floor space, you could see boards squeaking against the support! After screwing the subfloor down to make it more secure, we finished the project and left the big family with a less noisy, much more accessible home.

Sometimes we do have to go into a remodel doing serious damage control, we had a client bring us in when a general contractor had quit halfway through the project and left the roof system unfinished. Without protection from the roof, the home had been drenched during a storm and had to be gutted. It was quite the transformation.

Outdated fixtures, appliances, and layouts can definitely get you ready to bring in a redesign remodeling team. We have helped so many families that are done using the tiny, square bathtubs that used to be installed as a hybrid shower/bath or want be able to sit down on the toilet without putting your head through the sheetrock on the opposite wall.

Often, it’s the special touches we remember, the extra shelves for the home maker that collects coffee mugs from around the world, or the kitchen island that needs to be able to charge plenty of phones while the daughter’s dance team meets there. Whether your project begins to help the matriarch of the family live comfortably in the home, fix a squeaky house, or have a better layout for storage and new appliances, we’re honored to help you transform your home.

Coming Home is one of the most beautiful things – Andre Rieu

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