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Getting to know our clients, their lifestyles and personalities is the fun part of the job. It’s rewarding to be the expert eye to help it all come together, and it’s always exciting to witness what they choose for their new space. As we help educate while exploring the physical materials and redesign options with you, it wouldn’t be possible without the subject of color itself!

Ever felt warm or cool colors alter your mood? Feel calm or peace when you enter a certain space? Does it officially feel like the fall season when the deep orange and brown leaves collect under the trees?

Whether it’s what color to get your new cabinets, or what shade to have the backsplash tiles in the kitchen, ever wonder what draws us to different colors? While people’s preferences for certain shades are based on factors like personality, upbringing and experience, the concept of color psychology has become an important topic in design, marketing, and other areas. Experts have made interesting discoveries and observations about the psychology of color and the effect it has on moods, feelings, and even behaviors.

Let’s explore common colors and how they help us determine how we decorate and redesign!

  • White effectively creates a sense of space and can add great highlights to a room. Designers often use the color white to make rooms seem larger and more spacious, feeling that it modernizes and freshens furniture, walls and accessories. White countertops and walls can look nice with wooden, glass and even stainless-steel accents or appliances. For a clean, bright or simple feel, consider a coat of white to revamp older furniture or accessorize a living room or kitchen.
  • Black, when used correctly, can really balance an area in your home. While this strong shade can be versatile for accessories or accent walls, it also consistently represents sophistication and power, think black-tie events or sleek luxury cars. During your remodel, dark wood or counter-tops can be a beautiful touch to a bold, luxurious new kitchen or bathroom. Remember that black is a common choice for clothing due to its slimming nature, so it’s wonderful to have a professional team helping you through your redesign remodel to choose exactly where to place dark features for the perfect balance.
  • Red is a warm, powerful color that can add lots of personality to a space. As we help homeowners remodel, it’s exciting to watch new kitchenware, art and accessories get a colorful theme to add confidence and love to a new room. Red can symbolize passion and fun and complete the moods we love to create as the holidays are around the corner!
  • Orange draws attention and excitement to everything from branding, decorations, and even road signs. Depending on where and how it is used, this color can be happy, childish, seasonal or attention-getting. Whether your heart links it to autumn, citrus or sunsets, it can be a rich, vibrant color to make a wall or furniture item really pop in your home.
  • Blue consistently brings a sense of peace and serenity to people’s minds, while businesses will empower their brand using shades of blue to represent reliability and security. As one of the most popular colors chosen to paint and decorate with, it’s interesting how personal our reactions are to different shades. Blue is known for doing everything for helping lower pulse rate to creating feelings of sadness, blue hues can help your space feel everything from patriotic or traditional to funky and modern. As we decorate, color combinations like blue and white are known to be classic and timeless for interior design.
  • Green, often considered a tranquil and energizing color, can symbolize nature, fertility and even good fortune. This color can have a calm, grounding effect when used in a cohesive color palette for interior design. If green gives you a rush, or makes a room feel alive or natural, try adding instant color to your home with fresh flowers, lampshades, or even pillows and rugs.
  • Brown can be solid and sophisticated while being warm and comfy. The dream kitchens we create for homeowners regularly use dark, rich, and earthy wood as the main material for cabinetry. While light browns for décor and wall paint can be conservative, neutral, and sometimes lovely, it’s fun to opt for a chocolate/cocoa shade of brown to avoid creating a dated or dull feel. It’s all about what brings harmony to your dream home and what colors make your environment perfect for you.

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