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Avoid Hidden Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Hidden Kitchen Remodeling CostsThinking about doing a kitchen remodel, but nervous of the hidden costs associated with the project? At Servant Remodeling, we work closely with clients to manage and reduce these unexpected remodeling costs and create beautiful, functional kitchens that they will enjoy for years to come. While it may be difficult to catch every hidden home renovation cost, there are some things you can do to help keep these expenses in check.

Identify Water Damage and Plan Accordingly

One of the most common budget-busting problems that homeowners face during a home remodeling project is water damage around water fixtures. Being aware of potential water damage in your kitchen before you start your project will help you plan your renovation budget accordingly and save you a big surprise down the road.

Know What Is Behind the Drywall

One great aspect of a kitchen renovation is the opportunity to restructure the walls and change the layout of your home to suit your needs and wants. However, before you start knocking down walls, it may be worth the time and effort to investigate what the walls contain (plumbing pipes, electrical wires, load-bearing studs, etc). Hidden remodeling costs can be dramatically reduced if you make structural changes thoughtfully and with the foreknowledge of what is behind the drywall. Doing your homework before you (or your contractor) pick up the sledgehammer could include looking in the attic or basement for pipes, ductwork, or wiring that run into the wall in question.

Build a Cushion Into Your Budget

Ultimately, one of the best ways to manage remodeling costs is to build a cushion into your budget. With planning, many hidden costs are preventable, but it never hurts to have extra funds available. We recommend a 15-20 percent cushion to account for unforeseeable expenses.

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