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Dallas Metroplex Remodeling Since 1987

Take your kitchen from DRAB to FAB!

Let’s face it, times are changing! Our clients hire us to remodel their kitchen space, taking it from a cramped, outdated cooking area to a functional, visually pleasing room for both eating and entertainment. Kitchen remodeling is currently one of the most popular upgrades homeowners invest in, and with good reason! They want to prepare food, clean, or dine without being separated from family or company. Check out the perks they enjoy after creating an open, stylized space that connects them with the rest of their home:

Better function….meet ambiance.

A tile backsplash isn’t just for preserving walls, it can serve as a beautiful focal point for your new kitchen. Bold colors, patterns or textures create a warm, welcoming energy and decorative touch for you and your guests.


Let’s Redesign!

Ready to turn that breakfast nook into a real dining space? Want room for a bigger table and comfortable chairs? With a redesign and more sleek, compact appliances, your family now has additional living space to be both social and active.


Ready for a Big Change?!

Who says you can only have one countertop material? One sink? Maybe it’s time to redesign your space for the kitchen island of your dreams, an accent countertop, deep sink, and big cutting board ready to help prepare dinner.


Amazing Storage!

Gone are the days of loose cords, junky countertops, and minimal shelving. With deeper, well designed cabinets and drawers, you finally have room to store the neglected blender, or no longer have to stare at your vintage casserole dishes! Imagine your new gliding spice rack, or trash and recycling bins perfectly placed near the sink right where you need them, no longer what your guests open your pantry and trip over!


Our clients may embark on their journey wanting better ventilation, energy efficient lighting, or to upgrade with a modern touch, and they choose us because on top of the appliances and color changes, we carefully plan their space and breathe life into the heart of their home!

Reach out Servant Remodeling today for a design consultation. Let’s build the kitchen of your dreams.