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How to Make Your Home Luxurious on a Budget

The Entryway

This is the first and last thing you see when you’re walking through the front door.  A gorgeous entryway is a key to creating a fantastic, oasis-like custom home.  On a budget, the decor is a big part of luxury.  In terms of construction, ceilings should be high, and natural light should flood the room.  For decor, add a couple of small benches, as it will welcome guests into allowing them to remove their shoes at the door.  This gives a welcoming atmosphere, and it definitely gives a fancy feel to the whole space.

Add A Recreation Room

Using an extra room for recreation, or even furnishing your basement for recreation, is a great way to make your home feel luxurious.  This way, you can add something a little different that sets your home apart from the rest.  And, since you have a custom home, you can plan this any way you like.  Billiards, video games, or even a bar with a big screen TV to watch sports–a recreation room is a great option when you’re looking to fancify your home.

Plenty of Plants and Art

If you’ve ever been to a luxury hotel, you know that beautiful artwork and impressive foliage creates the air of delicacy.  Your home is no different!  Hanging impressive pieces and having well-placed plants can add a beautiful touch of decor to your interior design, creating a very plush and full feel for your home.

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