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Custom Patio Design

Custom Patio DesignA patio is an integral part of any Dallas homeowner’s outdoor living space, yet many people overlook the value of a thoughtful and accessible custom patio design. At Servant Remodeling, we don’t believe in selling homeowners a standard covered patio. In fact, many of our patio construction projects are completely unique to match the unique personalities of our customers.

We think homeowners who take pride in their beautiful and distinctive homes should be just as proud of their home extensions, and especially of their backyards. This is why we offer custom patio design options and help homeowners with every step, starting with conception and ending with the final construction.

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Why You Need a Custom Outdoor Patio

Many homeowners who have redesigned their patios are surprised to see how much the investment pays off. A covered patio can serve a number of important purposes, including:

  • Enhancing your home’s exterior appearance
  • Providing additional space for hosting guests or spending time outdoors
  • Sheltering outdoor living renovations such as a fireplace or outdoor kitchen
  • Extending your outdoor living season

Sadly, many homeowners miss out on these benefits because they either don’t have a patio or don’t love the design they currently have. If you face a similar situation, custom patio construction can do wonders for your satisfaction with your exterior living space.

Style Choices for Your Covered Patio Design

Servant Remodeling offers a number of options for covered patio designs. Besides customizing shape, dimensions, and overall size to suit your home and needs, we offer various custom patio design options with unique flooring and coverings. We can create a fully covered patio, or we can use lattice or slat designs to let in light and make the space feel open. We can also customize railings, steps, supports, and other options as needed.

Start Designing Your New Patio Today

At Servant Remodeling, the needs of our clients are always a top priority. Our team will provide the most professional service and quality work during the patio construction process, and your total satisfaction is always our first concern.

Whether you need help creating your perfect custom patio design or you know exactly what you want, you can trust Servant Remodeling to handle the job. You can talk to one of our team members or schedule a consultation at our showroom by calling us at 214-343-1161 or contacting us online.