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Are you ready for a home remodel?

The decision to renovate your house is one of the most personally and financially rewarding actions you can take this year. But it may seem improbable if you’ve never done it and don’t even know where to start. Believe it or not, the dead of winter is a great time to […] Read More

How to Make Your Home Luxurious on a Budget

Servant Remodeling works with a wide range of budgets–we want to stress that a home remodel is achievable for anyone, and a luxurious design is just as accessible.  When remodeling a home, consider what you want your home to look like, on the outside and inside.  A luxurious home is a […] Read More

Not too late for spring maintenance

Spring has now sprung, which means now is a good time to take care of the last-minute maintenance tasks that will help ensure that your home is prepared for what spring and summer have in store for it. The biggest priority for your home is to make sure that you […] Read More

2 reasons to choose to remodel over selling home

As you and your family change, so do your needs. So what are you going to do if the Dallas Home you’ve been living in no longer fits your family’s needs or lifestyle? You can look for an existing home that’s for sale in a neighborhood you like that fits […] Read More

Choosing the best floors for pet homes

Ask any pet owner and they will tell you; pets can cause more damage to flooring than humans can. From scratches, to stains, to hair, our furry companions can be quite problematic. If you are planning to build a home or renovate your current one, think about pet-friendliness when considering what flooring […] Read More

Do’s and donts of finding home remodeling contractors

If you’ve decided that your home needs remodeling in the kitchen, bathroom or basement, or needs more space through an addition, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of planning and completing the task. After all, renovating or building a home is a process that takes lots of time […] Read More

Thing you should not do when remodeling your home

One thing that is certain about most contractors is that they have seen their share of bad remodeling jobs. Whether this is due to work completed by another contractor or by the homeowner themselves, there are some definite things that can cause a lot of trouble for any remodeling job. […] Read More

Putting together your perfect kitchen experience

Building the perfect kitchen can be a pleasant journey or difficult task depending on how you approach it. The kitchen is not only a place where you cook but also a place where you entertain your guests or have dinner with your family and friends. From the busy mornings to […] Read More

Tips on cleaning the hard to reach spots in your home

Let’s face it, we all want a spotless home but would do just about anything to avoid being the ones cleaning it. In an attempt to make your life a little easier, Servant Remodeling searched the Internet far and wide to discover some cleaning hacks for you to use in […] Read More

5 simple hacks to make you living space seem bigger

If you’ve ever lived in a matchbox-size apartment, you probably know that every inch of space can go a long way if used cleverly – but cramming all your beloved gear in a tiny living room will still make it look more like a landfill than a snug lounging spot. […] Read More