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How a better kitchen can help the health conscious

If you’re a health-conscious eater, though, you know that an older home isn’t always ideal for cooking. You don’t have as much room as you’d like for washing and cutting produce. You struggle to find storage space for your latest kitchen gadgets. When meals are finished, cleaning your kitchen’s textured surfaces seems to take forever. It’s time for a new kitchen.

Increase Organization

The easiest way to maintain a lifestyle of healthy eating is to ensure that you always have plenty of variety. To give your meals variety, you need easy access to all of your kitchen tools — even the ones that you don’t often use. When you feel like making a spicy Thai curry paste, you shouldn’t have to shuffle all of your kitchen gadgets around to get to the heavy mortar and pestle in the back of your cabinet. A modern kitchen design considers the needs of a serious home chef and offers plenty of room for organization.

New Technology

Modern appliances use Internet connectivity to make cooking easier than ever. These are just a few of the Internet-connected kitchen appliances drawing raves from home chefs this year:

  • Voice control devices such as the Amazon Echo
  • Refrigerators with different temperature zones and water heaters that automatically prepare the water for your morning French press
  • Ovens with temperature probes that automatically alert you when your food is ready
  • Dishwashers that detect leaks and disable themselves automatically to prevent kitchen damage
  • Kitchen tablets that give you instant access to your favorite recipes

Internet-connected kitchen appliances make cooking more convenient and can also reduce the amount of time that you spend in the kitchen hovering over your meals. Feel free to do something else while your meals cook — your kitchen will let you know when the food is done.

Easy Cleaning

Don’t underestimate the value of a modern kitchen full of smooth metal and glass surfaces. Rough textured surfaces such as wood and paint have plenty of nooks and crannies for collecting airborne grease, and grease is a magnet for dust. If you never feel like your kitchen is truly clean, you’ll rarely feel like cooking elaborate and healthy meals. A new kitchen with surfaces that you can easily wipe down will change your mindset about preparing complex dishes.

Better Workflow

A new kitchen can improve everything about your cooking workflow. If your kitchen sink is too small, for example, it’s likely that you spend far too much time — and use too many dishes — when washing produce. Modern sinks have overhead spray nozzles to make quick work of produce washing. You can even place a grate directly over the sink to allow your produce to dry quickly.

Kitchen remodeling can also make food preparation easier. Home chefs love the simplicity that a kitchen island can bring to kneading dough and cutting vegetables. With your knives close at hand and a clean surface always ready to go, food prep becomes fast and fun rather than tedious and cumbersome. A larger and more efficient dishwasher also improves your cooking workflow. When you’re finished with a knife or cutting board, you can drop it directly into the dishwasher and continue with your cooking.