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5 simple hacks to make you living space seem bigger


If you’ve ever lived in a matchbox-size apartment, you probably know that every inch of space can go a long way if used cleverly – but cramming all your beloved gear in a tiny living room will still make it look more like a landfill than a snug lounging spot. No need to go knocking down the walls to add a few square feet to the sitting room just yet: try these simple home styling tricks instead and get the biggest aesthetic and functional bang out of your modestly-sized living room buck before doing a full renovation.

As for the choice of furniture for a tiny living room, you should use one or two statement pieces to infuse your space with character and fringe them with smaller, neutral-colored furnishings. The best spot to plop a statement piece is either by the window or directly below the pendant shade. For instance, a sectional in a solid hue placed in the sun-lit corner will add the right dose of personality to the room and it will also double as a convenient entertainment spot.

The fact that your living room isn’t as large as you’d like it to be isn’t a huge problem if you know how to decorate it. Instead of launching a house hunt, put these easy design tricks to use: you’ll be astonished by just how much space you actually have in your living area when it’s designed properly.

Light colors reflect most light, which makes them a perfect choice for walls of a tiny living area. Off-white, beige, and ivory walls will visually push back the walls and boost distribution of light, while at the same time producing a sophisticated, soothing ambiance in the room. For bonus aesthetic points, you can swap heavy wooden doors for elegant aluminum sliding doors in a neutral hue, and round off the chic living area with pastel-colored upholstery and accessories.

Grouping furniture at the center of the room rather than pushing it close to the walls will make even the tiniest of rooms look more open. Also, it would be a smart idea to replace heavy items with furnishings with a more lightweight appearance, preferably painted in a neutral color, as this will reduce the sense of bulk in the room. If possible, replace a wooden coffee table by its glass-topped counterpart, and move the seating area towards a spot by the window.

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Gallery walls are charming, but they may not exactly look at home in a pea-sized sitting room. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should forsake your beloved artwork and keep the living room walls plain: you just need to pick the right spot to showcase your treasured art. Choose a vacant wall in a well-lit part of the room and arrange paintings in different sized vertically along it: that way, you’ll both define the focal point in the room and amp up its aesthetic appeal.

Storage space is probably the trickiest aspect of a modestly-sized room, but you can still display your beloved books and memorabilia in your living area by going vertical with storage. A floor-to-ceiling light-colored shelf placed in the sun-lit corner of the room will look spot-on in a tiny living room, and it will also naturally draw the eye upwards, creating an impression of added height. If possible, pick tall, slender-lined shelving that won’t overwhelm the rest of the room, and place a floor lamp next to it for bonus aesthetic points.