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2 reasons to choose to remodel over selling home

As you and your family change, so do your needs. So what are you going to do if the Dallas Home you’ve been living in no longer fits your family’s needs or lifestyle?

You can look for an existing home that’s for sale in a neighborhood you like that fits your price range. Of course when purchasing an existing home it may not be configured exactly the way you want it.

You could consider the possibility of building a brand new home. That assumes you can find a new home in an area you like, and that you have the time to invest in researching, planning, picking a builder, and actually building the home.

A third option is to take a look at remodeling your existing home. So how do you decide which option makes more sense? Here’s a look at two times when remodeling may actually make more sense than buying or building a new home.

When You Really Like the Home You’re Living In: It’s possible that you still really enjoy the home you’re in, but that it simply isn’t large enough for a growing family or it isn’t as entertainment-friendly as you’d like it to be. Or maybe it’s not quite as convenient and comfortable as you’d like and you’d like something more energy efficient.
It could be that you love the architectural style of the home you’re in (it’s why you bought it in the first place)—or at least certain elements of it and want to build around those elements.

Remodeling can give you the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. You can keep—and even enhance—the elements of your home that you enjoy, but you can also re-shape it to make it more comfortable, convenient, and energy efficient.

When the Community You Live in Feels Like Home: Often, one of the driving factors for people living where they do is the sense of community they experience. Maybe you’re in a community where you enjoy really good relationships with neighbors. Perhaps your kids have great friends they would have to leave if you moved. Or maybe the stress and uncertainty of changing schools would be hard on your kids.
Remodeling can mean that you get to stay in a neighborhood where you have solid relationships and feel at home.

Of course if you’re really going to remodel in a way that results in your home meeting changing needs, it’s going to involve more than simply updating the flooring or painting your basement walls.

Whether you want to remodel your basement to take advantage of unused space, remodel your kitchen to make it more efficient and easier for entertaining, or remodel your whole house to better fit your lifestyle, we can help. We’ve been building and remodeling homes in the Dallas area for more than 107 years. I invite you to take a look at a few of the recent remodeling projects we’ve worked on in the region.

If remodeling makes more sense for you, we’d love to help you turn your existing house into a home you’ll love and be comfortable in for years to come!